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We Love. We Serve. We Give. 

CNLM is an intimate, Christ-centered church that focuses on experiencing and sharing Jesus' promise of abundant life NOW (John 10:10). 



Cornerstone New Life Ministries began in January 2001, a transition from its parent church, Cornerstone Assembly Abundant Life Center, following the January 2000 death of its pioneer and founder, Rev. Thomas L. Williams Jr. Following a prophetic call for "new life" from Rev. Williams, Cornestone changed its name and embraced that new life under the leadership of the late visionary's wife, Pastor Deborah Williams. 


Like all Christ centered, Bible based churches, our vision is to preach the good news of Jesus Christ to all people. Through worship, education, fellowship, evangelism, and prayer we work to ensure that God's presence is practiced, His principles are taught and his Spirit is followed. But what makes us special? 



CNLMinistries is focused on helping people realize the promises of God for a full, vibrant and spiritually abundant life on earth, not just in heaven. 



We do this through: 


  1. PRACTICAL PREACHING AND TEACHING - We believe that with the help of the Holy Spirit, the Word of God is clear and understandable so we strive to keep it that way. We teach Biblical principles and help everyone use it as a guide for living their daily lives in a modern world. 

  2. AUTHENTIC RELATIONSHIP BUILDING  - Cornerstone really is the place where everyone knows your name! For us, real, true fellowship with fellow believers is a critical part of spiritual growth. Being a part of God's family is central to our survival and prosperity in today's fast paced, lonely world, so we open our hearts and our lives to one another freely.  

  3. LOVE CENTERED OUTREACH AND GIVING - We are guided first and foremost by love - not judgement, gossip, fear, ego, drama or anything else that would hinder God's grace and mercy. 



Cornerstone is proud to be a small, locally-focused church. Everyone that walks through our doors matters and is given the opportunity to grow, serve and be a valued part of a vibrant, thriving community.  

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