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At CNLM we believe that every  person is valuable and has an important role to play. Here are just a few of the ministries through which we serve, grow and fellowship.  


Youth Education seeks to teach and disciple children age 4 and up as they prepare to be Godly leaders or tomorrow. Through weekly Sunday School, fun summer programming, and ongoing training, our teachers work to bring children to an understanding that out of their own free will they choose to serve God and reap the rewards of prosperity, peace and an abundant life. We teach children that even in their youth they can be useful for God's kingdom - and have FUN while doing it!



Iron Sharpeners is the ministry dedicated to equipping men and mentoring young men to apply the principles and promises of God's word to their lives based on Proverbs 27:17 "As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another". Through monthly meetings, Bible studies and fellowships Iron Sharpeners supports and equips Godly men at all stages of their lives to walk in their destiny, build meaningful relationships and give glory to God. 


Encouraging Word nurtures and train ladies from pre-teen to seniors to be joy-filled, powerful women of God. Our mission is to help women build Godly character, meet their unique emotional, physical and spiritual needs and to create meaningful mentoring relationships that allow them to build one another up in love. Through monthly meetings, fun service activities and refreshing retreats, we upflit women from all walks of life and return them to their "original design" as beautiful gifts of God. 




CLMN Music includes a worship team, psalmists, instrumentalists, and children's ensemble. A ministry committed to excellence, our members begin with a foundational and committed lifestyle of worship and build upon it technical and performative skills that glorify God, edify the body and make a truly joyful noise unto the Lord. Ecompassing styles as varied as traditional gospel to contemporary Christian, CNLM Music is an integral part of the Cornerstone experience. 

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